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✅ Your day-to-day operating system

These days, Notion is my source of truth. I keep my notes, plans, and track goal progress there. As a full-time product designer and indie-maker by hobby, my day is full of to-dos, ideas, and reflections. I've tried Things, Todoist, Trello, and Omnifocus over the years, and while all of them are great, the idea of Daily Manifests as a Notion page has proven the most efficient for me. It's quick, rough, and just enough to keep the day (and memory) on track.

The system is quite simple:

  • Click the button to generate a daily manifest at the start of the day or in advance.
  • Note to-dos or goals for work, side-projects, or personal tasks.
  • (Optionally) add reflection notes at the end of the day. These could be lessons learned, interesting links, or mood tracking.

Use it as it is, modify it, or revamp it – it's your day and it's up to you. However, this template has proven to be a good starting point for me, and I hope it will be the same for you. Enjoy!

👋 Hi, Damian here!

I'm a product designer with over 13+ years of experience in the tech industry. I'm passionate about high-performing product teams and individuals. I believe that improving our processes and habits leads to a happier life and better products.

I'm confident that this template will enhance your decision-making process.

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Daily Manifest

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