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Feedback Guide for Product Teams

Unbias, unblock and upgrade your decision making

A hand-crafted collection of feedback templates & articles for Product Teams members like Managers, Designers, and Engineers. Start, or improve your feedback-gathering game and inform your product decisions.

  • 16+ templates for product-related processes – product review, design review, architecture review, PRD review, idea review, and similar.
  • 5 template formats – Miro, Figjam, Notion, Google Docs, and Google Form.
  • 4 articles:
    • Building your 'Feedback Muscle'
    • How can you effectively request feedback?
    • How Should You Give and Receive Feedback?
    • When does feedback matter?

💬 What others have to say about the product

As a product leader who's run and attended countless feedback sessions, this bundle is the best value imaginable. The moderated templates help get unbiased perspectives, and the asynchronous surveys work great for large groups. The variety of formats made a big difference in adapting to my company's tooling.

I wish my colleagues and I had these templates earlier in our careers - they would have immediately levelled up our feedback skills. Any product or design professional looking to improve their process should consider this bundle. I highly recommend it.

— Rodrigo Paiva, Director of Product

The Feedback Templates manage to encompass all the essential elements I seek during a review session, such as ensuring everyone is on the same page, covering both the positive and negative aspects, and outlining actionable items./

— Ion Țurcanu, Product Designer

As a product manager working in an agile organisation, I find feedback templates for product teams a very valuable asset for every team (not only tech). Feedback is by far the quickest way to become a better team and deliver more value to our users. By sharing feedback early and often, team members know what to focus on in the first place. I personally like the steam of thought exercise cause it allows you to gather opinions about a specific project or initiative without a minimum effort (you just need to provide context about the project, and that’s it), and after that, you can process the whole information in one place. Another cool thing about the pack is that you can select the most handy tool like Miro or Google Docs, and you are not relying on one tool, which makes it very accessible for everyone.

— Daria Brylova, Product Manager

I recently introduced this feedback collection framework to my team, and I must say it is ready for immediate deployment! This toolkit isn't just packed with insights—it's a transformative asset, tailor-made for teams eager to elevate their feedback collection strategies.

Straight out of the box, it streamlined our feedback process, thanks to the intuitive templates provided. Just after a few iterations, I've observed my team adapting to the process and recognizing the value in open, organized, concise feedback collection. We started having richer, more nuanced discussions about the feedback collected, a testament to the clarity and conciseness this framework promotes. This adaptation promises to enhance our development workflow and positively shape our company culture.

While we're already reaping the benefits, I'm particularly excited about the roadmap ahead. If the current offering is any indication, future updates to this invaluable resource are bound to be game-changers. For teams keen on refining their feedback processes, this is the gold standard. Highly recommended!

— Ahmad Bilal, Product Designer

🤓 But I already have my feedback-gathering techniques

That's amazing! In your case, you might not need this package.

Although, if you're interested in broadening your set of techniques or learning about a different perspective, then I recommend giving it a try.

😮‍💨 Gathering, balancing, interpreting, and prioritizing timely feedback is hard.

My own experience resonates with this struggle. I grappled with two significant barriers:

  • Effective Feedback Collection: When a feedback culture is absent or lacks structure within your organization, or you're not adequately trained, initiating this process feels like lifting a massive weight. Developing and implementing straightforward, reusable templates and techniques helped me overcome this procedural hurdle.
  • Feedback Reception: As a designer, even constructive criticism could incite feelings of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or outright denial. Surmounting this obstacle transformed my approach to work, both individually and as part of a product team.

Improving and embracing feedback helped me to:

  • Combat biases – especially confirmation bias.
  • Foster alignment with teams I worked with – nurturing empathy for our shared objectives and operations, as well as our fears and expectations.
  • Achieve product and project goals in time – through informed decision-making and organizational alignment.
  • Deepen relationships – both giving and receiving feedback can cultivate connections and friendships.
  • Improve my craft – enhancing both soft and hard skills.
  • Be more chill – less prone to criticism, more aware of toxic patterns, and better equipped to address them

Over the last five years, I've invested time and effort to build this feedback 'muscle', and it's a journey I continue today. If you're just beginning this journey or you're seeking to enhance your feedback process further, this bundle is designed for you.

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Last updated Aug 1, 2023

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16+ templates
For your product, design, or architecture review in the team or company.
5 formats
Miro, FigJam, Notion, Google Docs, Google Form.
4 articles
Tips and reflection about the feedback techniques.

Feedback Guide for Product Teams

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