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Semaphores for Product People

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Make Better Decisions

This is a hand-crafted, anti-bias self-check in the form of a checklist created for product decision-makers such as Product Managers, Product Designers, Engineering Managers, and Engineers.

  • Miro whiteboard template
  • FigJam whiteboard template
  • Notion pages template
  • A list of cognitive biases
  • Bibliography recommendation

Validate your decisions through a set of questions, thereby limiting product risks.

But I can find it anywhere on the internet

Sure, you could scour the web and put together a template or process on your own.

Be your own consultant

  • Familiarize yourself with the damaging biases.
  • Pose specific, bias-oriented questions to yourself.
  • Evaluate your situation with clear-go or no-go indicators.
  • Self-analyse through codified reasoning.

Hi, Damian here!

I'm a product designer with over 13+ years of experience in the tech industry. I'm passionate about high-performing product teams and individuals. I believe that improving our processes and habits leads to a happier life and better products.

I'm confident that this template will enhance your decision-making process.

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It's your first step to get less biased.


Semaphores for Product People

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